Aegean regatta 2013



Time: 09:00
Location: Molyvos Harbour

For the 13th consecutive year, Aegean Regatta, the International Open Sea Sailing Race, will set out for a magical voyage from August 17, to August 24, 2013 across the blue Aegean.
Each year, the Aegean Regatta is based at a different harbour and is a major sports and cultural event in the Archipelago.

This year, 80 or so sailing boats from Greece and abroad will cover a distance that exceeds 100 nautical miles. They will leave from Mithymna, Lesvos Island (17-18/08/2013), and will make a stop at Moudros, Limnos Island (18-20/08/2013) and at Skyros Island (20-22/08/2013); the race will end at Skopelos Island (22-24/08/2013).

The Aegean Regatta race is the annual occasion for a variety of cultural events which take place at the ports-of-call and showcase the beauties and cultural aspects of Greek islands. An exhibition titled “Maritime Tradition in the Aegean – Boatyards and wooden vessels” will take place in Mithymna (13/07/2013 – 31/08/2013) as well as a painting exhibition titled “Message in a bottle” (19/07/2013 – 30/09/2013). A photography exhibition will be arranged in Skopelos titled Aegean, People and Places (19/08/2013-31/08/2013). The competent municipal authorities will organise cultural events that will highlight the cultural identity of each island, at the following ports: Moudros (Limnos island), Linaria (Skyros island) and Chora (Skopelos island).

These events combined with high competition standards have made the Aegean Regatta a major annual summer event in the Greek islands, a true celebration in the Aegean Sea.

Aegean Regatta will be organised by the Secretariat General for the Aegean and Island Policy under the Ministry for Shipping and the Aegean in cooperation with the Open Sea Committee of the Hellenic Sailing Federation; each year a different sailing club acts as co-organiser for the events. This year the Offshore Sailing Club of Lesvos has been appointed as co-ordinator.