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Getting to Lesbos

Where you arrive, Mytiline

Most out of country visitors arrive to Molyvos and Lesvos via plane. There are both charter and regularly scheduled flights to Lesvos – Mytilini airport (MJT).

Direct charter flights fly to Lesvos from many North European countries from April to October. Check with your travel agent or use a search engine on the internet for further information.

Alternatively, you can fly to Athens (ATH) or Thessaloniki (SKG – also known as Salonika), and then take a scheduled flight to Lesvos. There are numerous daily flights to Lesvos from those two Greek cities that take roughly 40 minutes.

You may prefer to arrive by ferry. There are ferries from Peireaus (the port of Athens), Thessaloniki, and Kavala.

Getting to Molyvos

You arrive in Molyvos by taxi, rental car, transfer-coach, or bus.

You can get a taxi from outside the airport or may even pre-book a taxi. The journey takes about an hour to Molyvos. Contact us if you would like a pre-booked taxi. There are several car rental companies based at the airport, but for better deals, pre-book your car, either via your airline or by using a search engine on the internet. Taxi costs approx. 60 euros.

If you are arriving by charter flight, you may have the option to pay for a seat on the company’s transfer-coach. This is usually the cheapest option.

There is a bus service from the airport into the capital of the island Mytilini. From there you can hop on a bus to Molyvos. Please note that there is a fairly limited timetable, with a maximum of four buses a day.