Molyvos at winter

View from Aetheria’s veranda

The colours of the landscape, the sea, and the skies change dramatically. Bright blue gives place to steely grey and dry yellow to a deep green that caries in it the seeds of spring. This quiet season is marked by nature in all its dramatic shows of force. The Aegean Sea, as rarely seen in tourist brochures, allies itself with gale force winds to produce powerful natural drama. And yet, while often rough, Molyvos in the winter is not inhospitable. Clear skies are aplenty and the temperature rarely falls below zero, even if snow is known to creep all the way to the bay of Molyvos. Moreover, winter caries with it all the promise of a most gorgeous spring awakening. Lesvos sees its first foreign visitors early in March and April as bird-watchers come to witness the island’s unique variety of migratory and local birds.

The Heliades townhomes, located but a stone-throw from the town harbour, are perfectly poised to become your winter and spring writer’s retreat. Fully equipped with a modern and efficient central heating system and double-pane windows, they offer a privileged vista on nature’s great winter show. The fully equipped, open-concept kitchen of the townhomes will become an ideal place for socializing and for preparing many a hearty dish, while the living-room and comfortable bedrooms will give you ample space to read, write, think, and rest. Each townhome or suite is equipped with wireless broadband Internet connection that brings to your fingertips all the online resources a writer or researcher may require during a much-needed sabbatical break.


Molyvos in winter changes gears and lives a rather private life, ideally suited to the needs of a writer. Few bars or restaurants are open and it often appears as if people are hibernating in anticipation of the new season. Still, there are loci of activity throughout the village. At the Conference Centre – the old town mosque – local groups show films, while a growing community of expatriates has slowly created its own vibrant life in parallel and in conjunction with the locals. For all intents and purposes both Molyvos as well as neighbouring Petra and the centrally located city of Kalloni offer most of what one would want by way of grocery shops, supermarkets, barbers, video-stores and much more.