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Molyvos Manor
You can check our other Property, Molyvos Manor:

Molyvos Cottage

If you are looking for a more rural setting for a vacation in Molyvos then you will like Molyvos Cottage, a beautifully appointed house (two bedrooms and den) in a verdant olive grove just ten minutes walk from the village:

You can learn a few things about Lesvos and Greece on Qwiki:!/Lesbos!/Greece

You can also get some very good information on Molyvos through

And naturally you can also quickly read about the island’s liquid gold, Ouzo and about Greek cooking in general:!/Ouzo

Lesvos recipes can be checked here:

Our friends Ciro and Cristiano De Benedetti own two beautiful B&Bs in Rome. What better way to complete a European trip than pay them a visit and enjoy what this magnificent city has to offer:

These days travel from Greece to Turkey is increasingly easy. Visitors can therefore cross the political frontiers and experience historical and cultural continuities and differences in Turkey’s Aegean shores. A way to do that would be to visit:

Google-translate will help you navigate the site of Kerem’s hotel.

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The Molyvos International Music Festival (MIMF) is a unique project in the North Aegean region that brings together the greatest international young talents for a three-day celebration of world-class classical music.