This is the second Schengen gate operating in Lesvos and visitors from all over the world can now visit the northern part of the island directly, either by cruise, which is already scheduled for the season, by sailing and of course by ferry boat from Turkey. Boat trips to and from Turkey are expected to start running this season.
The president and board members of the Molyvos Tourism Association visited the Gate, offered sweets to the employees and spoke positively regarding the significance of the Gate’s role in bringing immediate results to the development of tourism on the island.
The Molyvos Tourism Association was a pioneer in the opening of the Gate and funded its decoration with posters of images of Lesvos, under the brand name “Lesvos. The Other Aegean”. The Association will also provide leaflets and promotional material with information regarding the whole island, thus offering the best service available to all tourists.

Visitors from Turkey can now shorten their trip to the Northern part of Lesvos by reaching it through the new ferry line that will operate. There will be no need to travel from Ayvalik to Mytilini and from there to drive to Molyvos. The new ferry line from Turkey is expected to be near Assos. More information will be posted soon.